With a family trip coming up, a cruise to the southern Caribbean, I was looking into ways to stay fit while afloat.  After searching other blogs, and listening to Chris, Tony and Steve on last Sunday’s run, here’s some ideas:  Don’t expect to go long.  Get a run in on the boat early in the morning, say 5ish, to avoid the strollers and the kids.  Use the time to do tempo runs.  Use the treadmill (I have never liked running on a treadmill).  Expect it to be hot and humid.  Bring two pairs of shoes, so one can dry each day.

Tom suggested running whatever deck is the greatest perimeter of the boat, and treating the obstacles as part of the challenge.  I’d do that, but I might get keelhauled, for not following etiquette. I found out there are ten laps per mile for the running track on the boat.  That’s a pretty short track!  Finally, and probably one of the most important suggestions, watch out for all the food that is so available.  It takes severe discipline to stick to low calorie and low volume eating when there is so much offered.  Here’s someone’s take on running while on a cruise:


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  1. walterplods2012

     /  May 29, 2012

    don’t forget to run early in the morning so you can give all the old ladies a treat.


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