Beastly Heat

Last Sunday, July 1, the four Musketeers, also known as Bryan, Tony, Steve and Frank, spent the morning hours facing heat stroke and dehydration, as we did our usual 13 mile run.  We’ve moved our start time up to 7AM for our summer Sunday runs for good reason.  It gets awfully hot out there as the sun rises.  The humidity drains you and the stillness of the air doesn’t make for very good natural cooling, either.  But, we slogged on and did our training run, finishing at a respectable pace considering the heat.  Afterwards, we and our fellow SJACers cooled and re-hydrated in the air-conditioned local Starbucks.  I find it takes a lot of liquid to bring my tank back up to normal after a run like that, several liters at least.

Monday, I did my “recovery run”, a 6 mile run over the Ben Franklin Bridge from Camden, down and around a pier on the Delaware, then back across the bridge.  I’m not sure of the value of a recovery run, or whatever you want to call it.  I always feel a bit stiff and awkward starting out on my Monday run following a long Sunday run, but the muscles get going and then it becomes just a usual run.  The fact that going over the bridge gives a hill and downhill in both directions makes for a little training bonus.

Wednesday, July 4, was a day for cross-training.  In addition to the scheduled October 7 marathon, I am also doing a four-day cycling tour in the Green Mountains of Vermont, in August, called the Vermont Challenge.  Anything called a “challenge” requires a little prep.  So, part of my training requires some cycling.  Co-members of SJAC, Ed and Michele, and a colleague from work, Mike, and I did a 55 mile ride from Lloyd Hall in Philadelphia to Valley Forge, including a loop around the park which has a number of demanding hills.  Glad to say, we all did quite well, and stopped in Manayunk for a bit of lunch at Bella Trattoria.  In Philly, on our return, the Ben Franklin Parkway was already jammed with people out to celebrate the Fourth, and participate in Philly’s big, free party.  There were big displays set up by Ford, the NBA and Wawa which dominated the parkway.  There were also little vendors as seen in the photo below.  Musicians were set to perform, jugglers wandered about, and there were many families enjoying it all.  The famous fireworks arising from the art museum grounds would come later in the evening.  But, it is still hot and humid, with little chance for relief at least in the next several days, so I guess we’ll just live with it.

On the BFP, July 4, 2012. What good are cheese curds if they are not fried?

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  1. walterplods2012

     /  July 6, 2012

    another good travel story I like the picture of the stand selling cheese curds? Is that a delicacy favored by the 1%ers? Now in week 3 of my 16 week program. With an 18 miler behind you I think you’re doing well Frank just stay healthy. To stay motivated here is a link to youtube on steamtown 2009 that’s really good. Gives a good idea of the course and I think the charm of a small town race. I hope it’s a direct link otherwise might need to cut and paste but it’s worth it I think.

  2. What a nice video. The character of the Scranton area really comes through. The music was a perfect touch, too. Thanks.

  3. Michele

     /  July 7, 2012

    I am afraid to know what a fried cheese curd is.

    The bike ride was awesome and even though my legs were tired for 2 days, it got me a little more excited for the bike this year. Also, seeing/hearing you guys train for Steamtown is also getting me excited to get into serious training again. That said, I don’t envy you guys training in this heat!


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