A Message from Steamtown Asst. Race Director to SJAC

Greetings South Jersey Athletic Club members!

Alert SJAC club member Tony Walter sent us an e-mail letting us know that a big part of your crew is doing Steamtown this year.  That’s excellent news.  We love New Jersey runners!

I hope your training is going well.  I know that you have begun your long runs and are probably in the 12 to 14 mile range by now (at least I hope you are).  Make sure you mix in some downhills.  When I ran Steamtown, my quads were so sore afterwords that I couldn’t walk downstairs forwards for three days.  But believe me, when you cross the finish line and get that medal hung around your neck, it’s all worth it.

I think you’ll like our medal this year – 3″, antique nickel, with a cool ribbon.  And make sure you stick around for the post race party!

Tony said about 10 of you are doing Steamtown.  Hopefully the 10 of you will be able to inspire even more runners to give Steamtown a try next year.  Training for a marathon together is a great experience, provided you don’t kill each other in the process.

Anyway, I’m confident you’ll have a great experience here  – and you’ll even like Scranton.  We’re just like Haddonfield but without the glitter!

Keep up the good work.  See you in October!

Yours in running,

Jim Cummings, Asst. Race Director, Steamtown Marathon

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  1. Michele

     /  July 27, 2012

    How cool! I didn’t realize we had that many people in the club doing the race. What a cool guy for reaching out like that. Go SJAC Steamtowners!!

  2. Thanks to Tony for letting the folks at Steamtown know we are going to be ready. After all, we’ve been training in the steamiest of conditions. Also, nice to see they know about the glitter of Haddonfield. The elegant shops, the bars and nightclubs, the high end restaurants, yup, that’s our town.


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