Scabs on my nipples

I realize it is a bit sensationalistic to start with that title, but it is what happens when one runs a lot in the summer, when it’s hot and humid. I have run without a shirt during my long runs, but it’s not always acceptable. On the other hand, the tell-tale red streaks from the nipples downward at the end of a long run just don’t look cool. This summer, and it is still summer in spite of Labor Day being behind us, has been steadily and unforgivingly humid. I really look forward to cooler, dryer days and cool nights.

That said, here’s the current status on the road to Steamtown:

Saturday 9/1: reprieve of the Manayunk-Forbidden Drive loop, including the climb up Andorra St. ( see 7/22/12 entry, “Andorra”). 14 miles, a bit under 9 min pace.

Sunday 9/2: 13 mile run from the Haddonfield Running Company with fellow SJACers Bryan, Tony and Dan. Pace around 8:50. Went to pool party later in the afternoon, swam a “48” meter IM, drank a lot of beer.

Monday 9/3: rained all day, but after 27 the last two days, needed the recovery. Worked inside, throwing away accumulated trash of the ages. Barely made a dent in it.

Tuesday 9/4: worked over 12 hours. Kind of tuckered out. No run.

Wednesday 9/5: 11 mile tempo run at marathon pace of 8:30-8:40. Felt good. After the run, my legs did that weird fibrillation thing I wrote of in my very first blog entry. Very entertaining to watch, but a real pain when a true cramp develops.

Thursday 9/6: another long, hard day at work. Pretty exhausted and got home around 9 PM. No run.

Friday 9/7: long day, but only 12 hours. Had to run, so got out after the sun went down, and did 5 miles in fairly well lit streets and sidewalks. 8:50 pace and no tripping on uneven sidewalks in the dark.

Plan for Saturday and Sunday: 7 miles tomorrow at a bit over marathon pace. Sunday, 21 miles at around 9 min. pace.

Feeling good, no serious pains, just a twinge here and there, the plantar fascia, the pes anserinus (medial aspect of the knee). But nothing too troublesome. This is the time in marathon training when one gets really paranoid about anyone with a sniffle. I stay out of elevators, don’t touch hand rails, wash my hands even more than I usually do (being a surgeon). The other guys in my training group are also looking really good as we go into the last few weeks. The only wildlife of note this past week has been the amazing spiders and their webs. We saw one large spider traversing a long string from a tree to a lamppost, probably about 8 meters long and 2.5 meters off the ground.

I am looking forward to the runs this weekend.


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