I’m tired. Time to recharge.

Today at work, later in the afternoon, I found myself dropping my head and taking micronaps while trying to finish some desk work. It can be pretty humorous to bolt upright and see a line of m’s (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) on the email I was composing. I think it is also a sign I need some rest.

Saturday, 7/7/12, I ran with Brandon, club pres. and my training advisor, for our usual 7 mile loop. It has a nice long hill around mile 5, which makes for a good muscle building exercise.

Two days ago, Sunday morning, I did my second long run, sticking to my personal plan for getting used to going the distance leg cramp free. It was another warm and humid day, and I started at 6:10 AM. After a five mile loop, already soaked with sweat, I stopped home for a quick change of running shorts and to take on some fluids. I’ve been drinking E.F.S (Electrolyte Fuel System) sports drink, given to me by a cycling friend and said to help prevent muscle cramps. I then proceeded to run 13 more miles, carrying a water bottle with me, taking two gels during the run, and finishing with an average of 9:30 per mile. I recognize this is not a fast pace, but my goal right now is to go the long distance without cramping, and to teach the muscles endurance. Towards the end of this run, I was starting to cramp up in my right calf, so I cut out the last mile and contented myself with 17. Afterwards, I felt good, though, and I think it was valuable training. I had another intimate encounter with wildlife, this time with a large, furry groundhog, which, I’ve learned, is a type of Marmot. As I went around the back of a building to discard a gel pack, the critter was a couple of meters away, staring at me. He scurried off, only to stop a bit farther away and turn to look at me again. One can imagine what he was thinking.

Monday was a day for the bridge. Two residents at my hospital and I did our run from the hospital, across the Ben Franklin Bridge, down and around the Race Street pier on the Delaware River in Philadelphia, and back across the bridge. It’s a great run, with beautiful views, a nice breeze and hills! In both directions.

As I mentioned at the start, I am tired today. I didn’t join my fellow club members at the No Frills Tuesday night race, nor at the Irish Mile for a beer, and I feel some remorse because of that. But, I needed the rest.



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  1. Dave S.

     /  July 11, 2012

    We did miss you at the Irish Mile , Frank. If all this running is going to cut into your drinking time, maybe you need to re-examine your priorities.

  2. Blissful sleep, zonked out on the couch, feet up on the arm rest, that’s a priority.


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